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A lot can be said about project methodologies, Gantt charts, critical chains, lean project management and more, but it all really boils down to doing the right things, in the right sequence, at the right time. At every step the definition of “right” is what really matters. True, detail work must be done for task identification and management, but the trick is to identify the tasks which are the ones that will result in the project’s success. In this regard, there is no substitute for experience.

Project managers must do more than detailed task management. They must know how to read the people who make up the team and motivate them to complete their assignments in a business environment that usually lacks the time and resources. All team members are faced with a multitude of initiatives, and what people need is help accomplishing their goals so they can address the project in question.

In the end, all the project schedules, charts, resource leveling, task management, and meetings won’t get the result that motivation of people, the knowledge of what is important, and the confidence to execute will.

Gene helped us design a new e-fulfillment center including both the mechanics and the software solution. He also provided assistance to me on various operations initiatives and provided good counsel on organizational and staffing topics. He is process oriented but also very results driven and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Gene again.

- Naseem Glaubitz, V.P. Operations Obagi Medical

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