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Why Solutions Fail

Our 30 years of experience and over 200 completed projects have identified many reasons why projects fail, the most prevalent being a failure to take the human component into account, specifically:

  • Identifying, challenging and eliminating “go along” mentality as opposed to true engagement
  • Factions within the team that don’t understand and/or agree with the goals
  • Inability to stay on focus (feature creep, “neat” technology, investing time in tangential aspects of a project)
  • Corporate infighting, divergent interests, inconsistent goals, human communication issues, and lack of cohesion across departments
  • Poor alignment between the work flow and the technology solution
  • Lack of understanding of how humans are critical components in technology solutions
  • Poor communications
  • Inattentive project management

Gene led us through the process of developing requirements, selecting vendors and software and assisting in managing the implementation process for a new Warehouse Management System. We improved many warehouse operations during the process. Gene was able to help us achieve a good result despite more than the usual amount of roadblocks which occur on these projects.

- Bob Castle, CIO/COO Roland DGA

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