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Performance Operations is a group of very experienced, effective, and innovative operations executives, engineers and technology professionals who find and implement solutions which provide lasting results.

Primary Area of Focus – Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • Optimizing existing operations to improve efficiency, throughput, productivity, decision making and more
  • Selecting, planning and implementing new software solutions which work at a higher level of operating efficiency from the start
  • Accelerating slow moving, stalled or unproductive technology
  • Executive direction for strategic change initiatives and leadership for tactical project execution

We start by understanding the business need, improving the process and then optimizing the way people and new or existing technology works together.  Our mission is to:

  • Rapidly improve our clients' processes and operations
  • Simplify and streamline existing workflow and increase throughput
  • Apply new technology where necessary to meet specific business objectives
  • Assist with the professional development of our clients' team members
  • Create a sustainable change environment which generates lasting results

The Bottom Line – Leave the client team with a sustainable success

We develop and challenge the business vision, ultimately ensuring the project goals are aligned. During project execution, we remain flexible yet stay focused on the goals, achieving results in phases wherever possible. Most importantly we develop the client team so as to ensure continuous improvement and future project successes.

The bottom line is that many users end up continually spending on technology and people without achieving meaningful results. Our focus with any engagement is to:

  • Develop an understanding of and/or challenge the business vision and mission
  • Clearly and concisely define the goals of the specific project
  • Meet the goals in the specified timeframe
  • Develop the client team so that future goals can be achieved with little or no outside assistance
  • Significantly improve the human communications capabilities of the client team to the benefit of the client organization overall
  • Leave the client team with a sustainable success
  • Immediately start getting results by implementing in phases


Gene and Glenn provided project consulting services for our corporate data collection initiative. They were very effective at helping us define our needs and were especially concerned about improving our operations while we were applying new technology. Glenn was an incredible resource for our technical team, guiding our team from detailed design through software development. He is very good at mentoring young technology professionals and our team developed many skills in addition to core software development while under Glenn's tutelage. Glenn was able to work and communicate effectively with all levels of employees from production line workers to upper management in our company. I can highly recommend the Performance Operations team.

- Jim Balian, Manager of Systems Development, Bar-S Foods

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