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Why Use Performance Operations

When Improving Existing Operations

  • While implementing technology solutions most project teams had to focus less on optimizing existing processes and more on getting the new software up and running.  While attempts may have been made to do both, compromises are always made as implementation projects move forward.  Our team specializes in finding and tuning up those areas that need work.
  • Our approach is to involve and develop your team so they can continue to improve long after we are gone. This is a core part of our focus on generating lasting results.
  • Your team is focused on your operations and your methods.  We see many different types of operations and can very quickly identify the gaps and develop the quick wins.
  • Most consulting firms have large, formalized methodologies which are intended to help them scale up their firm's footprint and optimize their profitability.  We have elected instead to stay smaller, to use only very experienced people and to focus on each client's specific needs.  We can vary our methods to meet your needs, from short duration, intense on-site efforts to long term oversight requiring very little of our time on an ongoing basis.
  • We strive to learn your culture and develop solutions which fit and are therefore faster and easier to implement.
  • Performance Operations specialists are flexible.  We do not bring in one "canned" method to force into your operations.
  • Instead of spending a lot of time on large scale gap analyses and training classes we focus on our learning your culture and processes and then immediately suggest areas for quick wins.
  • We will identify the areas which need to change now, should change later and which can simply be nudged more gently into a slightly different direction.
  • While focused classroom sessions are sometimes appropriate, we prefer to train and develop your team by involving them in applying real world solutions.
  • With the experience of 100's of projects we've already been "there" so with us on board you will achieve your goals much faster, with less stress, less rework and less frustration.
  • The whole picture, including mechanization, automation, software as well as operations are part of our expertise. This is how we help you achieve a very high level of effectiveness.
  • Your team may already have many of the answers but what you need is an outsider's view with deep experience to fill in the gaps and the methods to quickly pull it all together.
  • We create the metrics and KPIs for you to further optimize existing solutions and keep them running at peak levels.

When Implementing a New Technology Solution

  • Technology systems providers are primarily focused on forcing your operation into their system functionality.  With us, fitting the software into your physical operations is our specialty. Our principal pioneered the use of storyboarding to optimize how to fit the software to the physical operation. The system provider knows the product, you know your operation but we know how to bring the two together.
  • With no agenda, we tell it like it is. Others, competing for your business, are trying to sell you a particular solution and are highly motivated to tell you what you want to hear.
  • Since we don't represent any software companies we can help you find the best fit for your firm for any required new technology.
  • We implement operations metrics and KPIs immediately while implementing new technology solutions instead of leaving them to some point in the future.
  • We know how to separately select the software product versus the implementation vendor.
  • PerfOps professionals keep focused on what is really important. We know which functions are best to happen now and which belong in a future phase.
  • Once into the project there are a myriad of activities with which your team is likely to struggle. We know how to get these tasks done the first time, thereby eliminating project schedule delays and cost overruns.
  • Sometimes a comprehensive new software application is not what you need. We know how to select the type and size of solution to your current and projected needs, from simply augmenting what you already have to a new module to your existing ERP solution, to a full service "best of breed" product.
  • We have massive process, shop floor and distribution experience to know exactly how to integrate automated and mechanized solutions into your overall solution.
  • Involving Performance Operations in your technology solution deployment will:
      • Dramatically improve ease of use and effectiveness
      • Speed the timeline
      • Reduce risk
      • Reach target efficiency and productivity faster
      • Achieve ROI sooner

Gene and Glenn provided project consulting services for our corporate data collection initiative. They were very effective at helping us define our needs and were especially concerned about improving our operations while we were applying new technology. Glenn was an incredible resource for our technical team, guiding our team from detailed design through software development. He is very good at mentoring young technology professionals and our team developed many skills in addition to core software development while under Glenn's tutelage. Glenn was able to work and communicate effectively with all levels of employees from production line workers to upper management in our company. I can highly recommend the Performance Operations team.

- Jim Balian, Manager of Systems Development, Bar-S Foods

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