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Performance Operations adjusts its approach to fit the specific business scenario.

There is certainly no “one size fits all” approach to projects. The traditional “waterfall” technique wherein the team methodically steps through requirements, design, detailed design, development and implementation is seldom possible today. This is due to the complexity of today’s systems, the integral roles users play in today’s solutions and the ever-increasing pace of both business and technology. Today we adjust our approach to each specific business scenario. In addition to our project principles, people, methods, and technology, the following elements will be present in varying degrees to each engagement:

  • Develop an understanding of the driving business need.
  • Distill the forces driving the project into a clearly stated set of objectives which answer to the business need.
  • Identify the key people that understand as much of the needs as possible, gain some level of consensus, set a direction that the team can act on, and start breaking the work down into manageable pieces.
  • Develop the key functional and system requirements and move as quickly as possible into designing solutions.  Ideally this is one process because users don’t typically have their requirements already clearly summarized or even vocalized and need help understanding what they really are.  Storyboarding is a key technique used by Performance Operations teams because it pulls together the human side of the process with the technology. 
  • Break the technology solution down into phases that can be implemented individually.  This improves the ROI, keeps the team moving fast and gives closure to the users, all of which translates into improved performance for the business and satisfaction of the participants.
  • Develop the team members individually so they become continually more effective as the project moves through its phases.  Find ways to mentor key people on the team so as to expose them to experience from sources outside the project.

Our company had a vision of utilizing data collection technology to improve the accuracy and efficiency of managing product activity within our supply chain. We selected Gene Kaplan of Performance Operations due to his overall systems integration knowledge and his ability to interpret technology down to the basic components. By doing this, we were able to get participation of key individuals within our company who embraced the utilization of these systems. We recognized significant improvements in the participating operations. Gene's ability to communicate with executives, RDC management, and those capturing data was instrumental in the system's success. I highly recommend Gene and his team.

- Tim Miller, VP Operations, Master-Halco

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