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Improving Existing and New ERP Implementations

Performance Operations has developed specialized and highly evolved methods for optimizing existing ERP solutions.  The hard reality is that most ERP implementations are not highly efficient after initial implementation and many companies struggle with months or years of optimization after they get their new systems up and running.  There are many reasons for this but what is important is that our methods are intended to pick up after initial deployment and get results which generate the ROI which was ultimately envisioned.

Your Operations

Our storyboarding methods very quickly expose the optimum way your processes should be operating with your people and your system.

  • Storyboarding – We developed a storyboarding technique over 20 years ago and have been evolving it continuously for business solutions in manufacturing and distribution environments.
  • Simplicity – We break complex processes down to the basics which everyone can understand.
  • Big Picture – Along with showing the simpler individual processes, we show how each piece affects the overall process.

Your People

Your people are the key to success in every operations initiative and technology project.  We not only address the operations and functionality of the solution but we also address the full engagement and professional development of your people.  Attention to the human side of operations optimization and technology solution implementation is typically lacking and we fill that gap.

  • Human Communications – We have proven methods to improve communications between team members and teams themselves and teach these methods to your people in real world scenarios as part of every project.
  • Teambuilding – We know how to pull teams together and get them operating effectively.  The benefit of these skills stays with your people so you gain the long term benefits.
  • Professional Development – Our consultants specialize in developing your people so they improve professionally in ways that they desire.  This keeps their motivation high because they carry these very tangible assets forward through their careers.

ERP Software Functionality

Obviously the functionality which has been deployed in each implementation is very important.  Our methods and experience are focused on the operations functionality which generates the ROI.  We rapidly evaluate the functionality as it has been installed against that which we have seen to be most effective in industry.

  • New Products Flow
  • Forecasting
  • MRP
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Production Planning & Scheduling
  • Production Management and Control
  • Item Availability
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Inventory Control & Warehouse Management
  • Labor Tracking and Activity Based Costing
  • Product Costing

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Our company had a vision of utilizing data collection technology to improve the accuracy and efficiency of managing product activity within our supply chain. We selected Gene Kaplan of Performance Operations due to his overall systems integration knowledge and his ability to interpret technology down to the basic components. By doing this, we were able to get participation of key individuals within our company who embraced the utilization of these systems. We recognized significant improvements in the participating operations. Gene's ability to communicate with executives, RDC management, and those capturing data was instrumental in the system's success. I highly recommend Gene and his team.

- Tim Miller, VP Operations, Master-Halco

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