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Performance Operations has extensive hands-on experience spanning many industries.

Our areas of expertise include a wide variety of systems, functional areas, standards and best practices, all focused on manufacturing and distribution operations.

Our focus is on the operating level but our experience goes all the way to the shop floor, including systems and mechanization.  This gives us a unique ability to make use of information flowing upwards into the operating level in manufacturing and distribution operations.

Typically we are brought in to improve existing operations, to evaluate and rejuvenate existing technology solutions which are underperforming and to recommend and implement new operations and technology solutions.

Gene was brought in by our V.P. of Operations to help us layout and move into a new warehouse and apply new technology. He worked with our IT team to select and implement a WMS and was especially helpful to me in streamlining operations. Gene worked with our Purchasing, Production and Quality groups as well, soliciting their input and building their ownership in the solution. I came into the project partway through and Gene was able to quickly adapt to and answer my needs moving forward and he did a great job working directly with my warehouse team. I can highly recommend Gene for food production and distribution operations.

- Kim Couzens, Warehouse Manager, Big Train

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