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Human Factors

Ensuring technology, processes, and people are in alignment.

In many, if not most, projects this is the most important element, and the one most often overlooked or underdeveloped. It isn’t about making people happy or meeting all of their expectations. These things can happen, but the goal is achieving the business objective. And in order to do that, two conditions must be met:

  1. The critical team members who will lead others and/or drive the project forward must be fully invested, engaged, and motivated.
  2. The extended team members who will operate the system, and are essentially elements of the system, must have been part of the development of the solution; or, at least understand the system, what other options may have been considered, and be in agreement with the solution

Performance Operations teams achieve these by ensuring the technology, processes, and people are in alignment.  This is accomplished by listening to the users, helping them see what is important, moving them forward where needed, culminating in a solution that benefits the company and is supported by the employees.  Our well-proven and successful storyboarding technique is one of our key methods in this area.

Performance Operations teams do the following:

  • Listen
  • Challenge the “true-isms” which make up any mature operation
  • Create ownership
  • Develop professional skills in the client team

 We bring:

  • The “outside view”
  • A breadth of experience
  • Techniques from numerous client engagements
  • A depth of understanding to the “ground level” in the client’s business

We employ:

  • Systems thinking
  • Teambuilding
  • Human factors and ergonomics in process and workflow design
  • Application of modern management techniques

Gene and his team helped us with various technology and operations initiatives prior to our acquisition by Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Gene and his team are able to stay focused and get things done despite the many possible corporate distractions which abound in today's fast paced environment. I highly recommend them.

- Al Hummel, CEO, Obagi Medical Products

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