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Performance Operations keeps the end user team on track.

Working for the end user, individuals or teams from Performance Operations ensure the numerous activities required from the user organization are accomplished such that the technology partners can implement effectively. Without help, many, if not most organizations experience project delays, incur additional systems rework and project costs, and often fail to meet the project goals. Performance Operations keeps the end user team on track while making sure the solution provider is focused and follows through to completion.

Performance Operations teams excel at helping companies with:


ERP Solutions

  • Selecting and implementing new systems and solution providers
  • Optimizing existing systems so as to gain promised benefits
  • Adding functionality to existing ERP solutions to meet new business needs
  • Project planning and project management
  • Helping with client side activities required by the ERP solution provider

Management Consulting

  • Review of existing IT departments
  • Advisory/oversight in CTO and Director of IT roles
  • Advisory/oversight in COO and Director of Operations roles
  • Assistance to HR for planning, hiring and management
  • Problem solving and special projects


  • Evaluation of existing systems and technology teams
  • Implementation of short term improvement initiatives
  • Oversight for longer term improvement of existing systems and development of technical teams
  • Finding and applying technical solutions where others are having difficulty doing so
  • Custom systems interfaces
  • Custom software solutions where off-the-shelf products are unavailable


  • Strategic planning in manufacturing and  distribution/supply chain
  • Requirements analysis
  • Vendor selection
  • Systems design
  • Project planning and project management
  • Oversight during implementation

Human Factors

  • Improving communications
  • Turning managers into leaders
  • Help where human factors are critical to design
  • Teambuilding
  • Professional development of individuals

Wawona Frozen Foods has had a very positive and longstanding relationship with Gene and Glenn as we have evolved and grown the company. They help us with operations improvements and implementation of technology solutions. They also help us develop our staff and teams and transfer skills so we can be more effective. I can highly recommend Gene's group for projects and continuous improvement.

- Bill Smittcamp, President, Wawona Frozen Foods

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