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Our Professional Consultants

Our consortium of professional partners.

In order to provide our clients with solutions that address technology, the human factor, and physical/fiscal limitation, we have formed a consortium of professional partners:


Gene Kaplan is founder and principal consultant of Performance Operations with 35 years experience in manufacturing systems and operations. Having owned engineering service and product distribution businesses, and consulted with hundreds more, Gene contributes in all levels in production and distribution organizations including: tactical supply chain functions, production and warehouse management, S&OP, ERP, WMS, team building, talent acquisition and strategic planning. Additionally, he provides leadership coaching to business owners and executives, and helps with organizational improvement through the chain. On projects, he is equally comfortable with the maintenance staff to the board of directors and can bridge the communications/understanding gap interdepartmentally, hierarchically, and interpersonally. This, backed by his ability to enter any project, identify issues, rapidly develop a plan, and direct project execution makes Gene key in many projects.


Lori DuBois is a manufacturing and sales professional turned VP of Operations in the electronics and consumer goods industry. Her experience in manufacturing and sales has honed her ability to see how departments misaligned and incorrectly worked against one another. This spurred her entrance into operations. Bringing this interdepartmental thinking, she expertly integrates auxiliary or outsourced manufacturing, warehousing, and sales functions with the business operation. At Performance Operations, Lori is an indispensable operations leader that can simplify and optimize raw materials sourcing, warehousing, and manufacturing processes in ERP and human factors. Her latest projects have afforded her the opportunity to learn more about new sales channels like Fulfill by Amazon and how this affects manufacturing in the perishable and lot-traceable industries.


Glenn Dimit designs, integrates and directs implementation of custom and SaaS software enterprise solutions in numerous industries across any breadth of operations. He's adept at software integration for modern and legacy applications. Where custom solutions are required, his deliveries are robust, intuitive and age well with the connected enterprises. Beyond technical competency, Glenn is also able to explain complex topics to technical and non-technical audiences, and, during a project, involves the client in every step of the solution. At Performance Operations, we rely on Glenn's software expertise and data-driven, thoroughly prototyped solutions. He has a great ability to understand client needs, translate them into the project and maintain them through to the end solution.


Ad Verkuylen is a project manager and Sr. of Engineering Support for manufacturing operations in the consumer goods, food, and specialty beverage industries. His technical expertise includes greenfield construction, new equipment acquisition, facilities/utilities upgrades, material handling, and packaging. In strategic planning, Ad is versed in developing master plans attentive to existing and emerging technologies and market shifts, and breaking plans down into achievable intermittent goals. At Performance Operations, Ad is equipment focused and highly versed in F&B. He maintains an acute sense for business practicality and develops master plans in line with the company's overall objectives.


Jim White is a former senior level technology executive with 40+ years experience in global sales, marketing and operational management. He specializes in strategic and operational advisory services for early and growth stage technology companies, specifically in manufacturing automation and security markets. In advisory capacities, Jim directs companies in areas of sales and marketing strategies, channel development, executive recruiting, startup and expansion funding. At Performance Operations, Jim is an invaluable asset to clients who need long-term business development direction and is often called on for expertise in global markets or less common industries. He is perfect for seating finite projects into a larger business trajectory and taking on lightweight or highly involved advisory positions.


Doug Henrriquez is an accomplished working operations executive who has developed a deep expertise in leadership programs for business. Doug provides professional services to help companies create, develop, manage and advance their own leadership programs. Doug can work at the detailed level to create leadership program content, mentor and guide trainers, and provide ongoing support through implementation. Doug can also rejuvenate, or evolve existing leadership programs. Much of Doug's original approach was built on the accomplished leadership author and teacher John Maxwell, incorporating leadership principles through trust, accountability, vision and prioritization. Doug and his operations teams have advanced these fundamentals in developing business-focused programs that are flexible in application. PerfOps clients call on Doug for anything and everything pertaining to their leadership programs for purposes of achieving lasting results and improving sustainability within their departments and supply chain teams.


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Charles Intrieri focuses on cost-reduction projects, continuous improvement initiatives, and supply chain improvement in lot-traceable industries. He works to understand the client's business culture and identify core business objectives, then scales the project from the technical to improve business culture and human factors. Charles has overseen projects with large corporations and enjoys bringing this experience to smaller operations. At Performance Operations, Charles implements best practices in operations and supply chain, then works to create a business culture to support their continual improvement. He's great at addressing the immediate needs of a client while ensuring it can keep up with their future growth.


Dale Stephens is an expert in material handling, processing, and packaging for the Food and Beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. He finds equipment solutions on the plant floor and integrates them to meet client and end-user goals. Adept at identifying key bottlenecks to operational efficiency, Dale centers on the relation of workers and machines on the plant floor to sharpen floor design, improve existing operations, and source new equipment solutions to improve operational functionality and consistency. At Performance Operations, Dale brings a technical and statistical problem-solving mindset. He understands manufacturing equipment back to front, and continually produces results in line with the project scope and budget.


Jennie Enholm is a CFO, entrepreneur, accounting/finance advisor, and Cal Poly SLO Lecturer/Consultant. She is experienced in accounting practices and systems, cost analysis, and project budgeting. Having been CFO and entrepreneur in multiple industries, she has a comprehensive understanding not only of finance, but also of how it impacts and is impacted by operations, enabling her devise cross-functional solutions. At Performance Operations, Jennie brings a complete and practical approach to business operations. Versed in all standard accounting enterprises, best practices, and cost analysis, Jennie is comfortable advising at the department and systems level as well as mentoring accounting professionals, entrepreneurs, and new finance executives.


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As a Vice President of Operations and an experienced supply chain professional, Michael Begley has lead initiatives in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food. An expert at balancing project details with the larger picture, he anticipates and mitigates problems to generate wins not only in the technical aspects of operations but also interpersonally and interdepartmentally. If a win-win solution exists, he'll find it. At Performance Operations, Michael brings a wealth of executive and acquisition experience, an ability to mobilize many teams and departments toward a goal, and a professional dedication to developing those around him even during hectic times.


Kevin Foley is a sustainability professional specializing in the agriculture, food & beverage, manufacturing, and software industries. He works with companies to design and implement organizational sustainability programs, leveraging resources to increase profitability and stakeholder engagement, while reducing operating costs and overall environmental footprint. To remove obstacles to success, his approach utilizes interdepartmental collaboration, leadership training, continuous improvement strategies and KPI-driven results. Appropriately balanced, environmental interests can be boons to profitability and, from program design to project management, Kevin helps clients realize substantial gains, mitigate risk and secure a competitive advantage. With Performance Operations, Kevin focuses on sustainability program design, GHG emissions quantification and reduction, renewable energy, certification acquisition and the creation of a healthy organizational culture. Considering coming changes in climate change legislation, operating standards, and consumer expectations, Kevin's work not only helps companies gain a competitive edge, but also navigate the increasingly interconnected relationship between business and sustainability.


Naseem Glaubitz is an accomplished Director of Operations in consumer goods and cosmetics. She manages to balance day-to-day operations needs with long-term strategy. On the project side, she's led numerous ERP systems integrations, fast-tracking timelines and is adept at leveraging systems to optimize return. Creating a culture of accountability, efficiency, and teamwork, her department is able to break down the big objectives into manageable milestones and ensures project completion on time and on budget. At Performance Operations, we value Naseem's involved and responsive executive style. Always one to prioritize professional development and interdepartmental transparency, she enables teams to be responsible for their impact on the overall business operation and long-term objectives. When we need to shift a client's operations from reactionary to goal-setting, we rely on her solutions.


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Don Jenkins is a finance executive with strong experience in food distribution. He has led and been involved in multiple company acquisitions, facility moves, expansions, and employee incentive programs. His serial executorship also included over a decade as founder of a consulting firm, giving him a unique perspective of both the executive and consultative mindset. At Performance Operations, Don joins a team strong in food distribution. Having seen and participated in the consolidation and development of mega-distributorships through the 90s and 2000s, he brings a deep understanding of our client's world financially and competitively, recognizing what it means to be middle market in the industry's current landscape.


Director of Operations Masoud Nabavi specializes in continuous improvement initiatives on the plant floor. He has extensive experience in food and beverage manufacturing and packaging from resource management and handling to employee management and development. Balancing the duties of day-to-day operations with a long-reaching vision of continuous improvement, Masoud factors his team member's individual skills and interests into his warehouse solutions. In this way he develops his team, invites new ideas, and tests novel approaches to improve efficiency while keeping his eye on the bottom-line, compliance, and quality. At Performance Operations, Masoud is a valuable problem-solver that can not only identify and implement a solution, but also outline milestones, track performance, and realize greater operational efficiency. We rely on his equipment proficiency in food manufacturing and packaging to help identify suitable solutions for our clients.

Gene and his team helped us with various technology and operations initiatives prior to our acquisition by Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Gene and his team are able to stay focused and get things done despite the many possible corporate distractions which abound in today's fast paced environment. I highly recommend them.

- Al Hummel, CEO, Obagi Medical Products

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