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Improving Supply Chain Operations

Performance Operations has practical methods for improving all aspects of Supply Chain Operations.  Our team has the real world operations experience to know what to do, the people and process methods and the deep technical capabilities to make it happen.


Our team has extensive experience in day to day, long term environments.

  • Forecasting
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing Planning
  • MRP
  • Local and Forward Distribution
  • Reverse Logistics


We know when to optimize existing solutions, when to apply new technology and when to bridge the gap with lighter solutions to meet immediate needs.

  • Comprehensive ERP and ERP Modules
  • Integrated Forecasting Solutions
  • Dedicated S&OP Systems
  • Purchasing Solutions
  • Scheduling Systems
  • Inventory Control, Warehouse Management and Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions

Our goal is to help you cross the gap to new systems so you improve sooner and know what you are really looking for when it comes time to invest in new technology.  When that time comes since we already understand your culture and operations we dramatically reduce the risk, speed the timeline and ensure you get the targeted results.

S&OP Solutions

Performance Operations can address S&OP needs with individual components up to comprehensive, integrated solutions.  In most cases these solutions can be implemented in phases so as to achieve measurable results in short order.

Functional Areas

We commonly address all S&OP functional areas.

  • Forecasting
  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Delivery


Most businesses respond very quickly to attention in Sales and Operations Planning areas, often with very quick wins without massive consulting initiatives and comprehensive technology solutions.

  • Breaking down and gaining an understanding of existing operations
  • Identifying areas for quick wins instead of spending weeks on large gap analyses relative to best practices
  • Determining when to push through standardized solutions vs. making a series of small adjustments to existing components
  • Getting existing systems working together in a more coordinated fashion
  • Coming back in a second pass to optimize and consider broader solutions

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Our company had a vision of utilizing data collection technology to improve the accuracy and efficiency of managing product activity within our supply chain. We selected Gene Kaplan of Performance Operations due to his overall systems integration knowledge and his ability to interpret technology down to the basic components. By doing this, we were able to get participation of key individuals within our company who embraced the utilization of these systems. We recognized significant improvements in the participating operations. Gene's ability to communicate with executives, RDC management, and those capturing data was instrumental in the system's success. I highly recommend Gene and his team.

- Tim Miller, VP Operations, Master-Halco

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