Technology can produce amazing results, but in the end it is not all about the technology.

Today’s technology solutions frequently incorporate elements of process/office automation, data collection, enterprise solutions and business intelligence. Performance Operations’ teams have significant and relevant experience in all functional areas pertaining to manufacturing, supply chain and distribution.

Our most senior consortium members have been integrating information systems with factory and warehouse processes since the early ‘80s. This solid foundation allows us to identify technologies and solution techniques are going to work and which are going to cause problems. While the speed, breadth, and depth of digital communications has improved by orders of magnitude since the origins of systems connectivity, many of the founding principles remain:

Technology can produce amazing results but in the end it is not all about the technology. Following are some of the common failures when implementing technology:

  • The best technology poorly applied
  • Great technology but it doesn’t fit the business or goal
  • Technology which the users do not accept
  • Technology the company cannot maintain
  • Time and money spent on technology which would better be spent elsewhere

The solution is to keep technology in perspective.  The Performance Operations team specializes in generating results through the application of the proper technology to the business problems being faced.

The Performance Operations teams have numerous implementations utilizing information technology in the following specific functional areas:

  • ERP
  • Labor management, tracking, activity based costing
  • Inventory control for lot and serial number traceable manufacturing and distribution
  • Process and Factory Automation (discrete manufacturing, batch and process)
  • Automated Data Collection (Linear and 2D Barcoding and RFID)
  • Manufacturing Execution (MES)
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Transportation Management (TMS)
  • Integrated Supply Chain Systems
  • Quality and lab systems

Gene and his team helped us with various technology and operations initiatives prior to our acquisition by Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Gene and his team are able to stay focused and get things done despite the many possible corporate distractions which abound in today's fast paced environment. I highly recommend them.

- Al Hummel, CEO, Obagi Medical Products

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